Hugh McBride

Principal & Senior Creative Writer

I have worked on a number of projects with Hugh. His creative thinking, writing skills and attention to detail are outstanding … It is always a pleasure working with Hugh and you know you will get an outstanding deliverable at the end.

Chris D. Cornell

KPMG Partner and National Sector Leader, Insurance

The Company We Keep

Who We Serve

We provide the compelling written content that starts conversations and keeps them going. We help turn cold calls into warm ones, prospects into clients, good relationships into great ones, and help drive profitable customer action.

  • Under the door.
  • Over the wall.
  • Through the keyhole.

By any means available, Write Content moves your message into the hearts and minds of clients — the ones you’re serving and the ones you will be but who just don’t know it, yet.

Your firm produces content, or wants to, in order to move new clients into your orbit and, once there, steadily closer. But the load can be heavy — demands on your time and talent.

Let Write Content do the lifting. We’ll help shine a 10,000-watt spotlight on your firm’s stories and expertise, triumphs of transformed clients, and sheer brilliance.

[ “Strong content turns strangers into prospects into clients.” ]

What We Do

We give smart people food for thought. Our one-year content packages raise awareness, build momentum, and help your business grow.


“Writing doesn’t just communicate ideas; it generates them.”

— Paul Graham

Who We Are

We are story generators.

With more than 20 years’ experience in sales and marketing with a Big 4 firm, we know where to find and how to mine the gold in your intellectual capital to produce compelling blogs, articles, white papers and other content.

We have edited business and consumer magazines and written for some of the top publications in the country, including The Globe & Mail, Canadian Business Magazine, Financial Post Magazine and Harrowsmith Country Life.

About Hugh McBride

Hugh regularly researches and writes quality content for leading professional services firms and public companies in Canada and the US. He served for more than two decades as a Senior Proposal Advisor with KPMG and worked as an editor and writer with CPA Magazine. He has also edited two business magazines and a special interest consumer magazine, and written feature articles for a variety of Canadian magazines and newspapers.

A Kenneth R. Wilson award-winning writer and one-time board member at the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors, Hugh was commissioned to write a popular history of Canadian Tire on the occasion of the company’s 75th anniversary. He has a passion for the power of the written word to cut through noise, resonate powerfully with readers, and make an impact.

What’s black and white and read all over? With Write Content, your content.

Why We Do It

To help professional services firms and management consultancies build loyalty, credibility and trust with content that’s clear, intelligent, and appreciated deeply by clients.

The internet has torn through the wall separating you from your clients. They’re looking for you every bit as much as you’re looking to be found.

And now, with Write Content — expert content — you have a conversation, over the backyard fence.

What problems do you solve better than anyone else in your space?
They’re yearning to know.