Storytelling – Why it’s Key to Powerful Content and How to Use It [Part II]
16 September

In Part I of this blog I looked at why stories are so central to branding and content.

Stories carry the emotional messages that:

  • Create and deepen relationships
  • Inform every decision we make (no matter how rational that decision may seem on the surface), and that
  • Drive a client’s decision to work with your firm versus another.

The power of stories is the reason Chicago law firm Levenfeld Pearlstein chose to use videos, but with a difference, to introduce their partners on the firm’s website. Each professional talked, not of their track record, experience and skill … y a w n … but of what they wanted to be when they were little or their most prized possession. Theirs were personal stories. The subtext? A law firm made up of flesh and blood human beings who, like you, feel and aspire; professionals who share with their clients the most essential quality of all, their humanness. Put simply, lawyers tha...

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