Why Great Stories Make Great Content and How to Use Them [Part I]

12 June

By Hugh McBride

Stories make for powerful content. No question.

In this two-part blog we’re going to dive deep into storytelling: why it's so valuable and actionable steps you can take to use stories to enhance your brand and build your client base.

Content is Everywhere

In 2018 the Content Marketing Institute found that 92% of surveyed B2B companies were using content marketing.

All of us, it seems, have become writers, producers, directors and publishers of content.

And no wonder. We can reach anyone anywhere at any time.

It could be among the single greatest benefits of living in this Internet age.

The result, one might think, would be the Internet equivalent of a public pool crammed with kids on a hot summer day.

… a cacophony of competitors clamoring to be heard.

But it’s not actually like that, is it?

For one thing, no one organization has precisely the same audien...

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