Prepare the Blueprint

Let’s aim for a target we can clearly see.

… and create an Editorial Plan & Strategy for your firm. What you need to be talking about and where to raise awareness, build relationships, and boost your business.

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Through a series of interviews and document reviews, we will define:

  • Your Readers – Who you need to reach, what they care about most, and how best to earn their loyalty
  • Your Editorial Strategy – Your unique value proposition expressed in the stories you share
  • Your Voice – The tone of your content that gives readers a clear sense of what working with your firm is like
  • Your Editorial Schedule – Themes and topics for one full year, by month or quarter
  • Your Style Guide – Consistency equals professionalism. Guidelines on spelling, grammar usage. Tips on writing. Words you will never use. Rules and guidelines of the profession.

Deliverable: Your roadmap to content success.

Regular content ranks higher in search results. It works harder for you. Choose from among these one-year plans to build your list, your SEO and your business.

Select Your Bundle


Lay the Foundation

For solo practitioners who want to build their business by raising awareness of their brand, services and expertise:

  • One article every two months (approximately 850 words)
  • SEO content optimization
  • Research and interviews
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Extract-post for social media

Result: Content that puts you on the map.



For boutique to mid-size firms looking to grow:

  • One article per month (approximately 850 words each)
  • SEO content optimization
  • Research and interviews
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Two extract-posts for social media

Result: Elevated awareness of your firm.


Raise the Roof

For firms seeking growth across several service lines or client segments:

  • Two articles per month (approximately 850 words each)
  • Monthly planning meeting
  • SEO content optimization
  • Research and interviews
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Four extract-posts for social media (one per article)

Result: Expanded reach.

Special Assignments

We can provide competitive quotations for any of the following:

  • Blogs / articles
  • White papers
  • E-books
  • Digital newsletters
  • Case studies
  • Proposals – challenge reviews, compliance checks, drafting and editing
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